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...and Domestic Strife! )
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Title:  Wilson’s Heart [unrelated to the episode of the same name]
Rating:  PG
WordCount:  825
Genre:  Angst, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Characters:  House, Cuddy, Wilson
TimeLine:  After episode 5.01, Dying Changes Everything and up to episode 5.05, Lucky Thirteen
Summary:  Wilson has resigned from PPTH.  House appears to be handling it in typical fashion—except for one very small thing.

A/N:  Short, simple, and predictable—because sometimes, we find comfort in those things.



Wilson wouldn't have left it behind. )

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 The previous post, having, I pray, served its purpose, is now under lock and key.  If, however, anyone believes that a parent they know might see themselves in it, and benefit from it, I will happily make it available; just PM me.  To those who responded in writing, my heartfelt thanks.  I did not reply because my purpose was not to seek pity, or even empathy, for myself.  My purpose was to make parents who, in these stressful times, might've become as self-absorbed as I was, take another, longer look at their children.  And to the many of you who did not reply in writing, but instead said silent prayers or gave your kids that extra kiss--thank you.  You are helping to prevent this from happening to another child, another family.
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Bah, humbug.

and Peace on Earth.... )

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I know you've been waiting with bated breath for this. So, while I relocate my misplaced brain, here they be... )

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A quick note, while I search for my misplaced brain.... )
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Title:  Snapped

Genre:  Angst

Rating:  PG

Characters:  House, Wilson, Cuddy

WordCount:  2175

Spoilers:  4.15/4.16; House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart

Summary:  Tag for episode 4.16: Wilson’s Heart.  He felt when it broke, an actual physical sensation.

A/N:  Did you know that [ profile] blackmare_9  is brilliant?  Her suggestions always and magically make my stories say what I want them to say.


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The ramblings of a writer in doubt. Or a doubtful writer. Or... something. )
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Title:  Aiuto!
Genre:  Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  2850
Characters:  Wilson/OFC, House
Summary:  Wilson’s in love, and even House approves.  So what could possibly go wrong?
Author's Note:  This has been unseen by human eyes since I made some major changes.  If you like it, send all thanks to [ profile] blackmare_9 , who can be a real bitch sometimes, in the nicest way possible.  If not, well, aim the rotten tomatoes in my direction, please. 



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[climbing on soapbox] 

oops--cut for teeny spoiler )
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Title:  And So It Goes
Genre:  Friendship
Characters:  House, Wilson
WordCount:  800
Rating:  PG

Just a quick little sketch.  In words, because I can't draw.


Could House actually be feeling... guilty? Nah. )


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Open to public, but not publicly posted anywhere but in my journal.....Ruminations on Birthmarks )
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Title:  Deciphering It   (Third in a triptych.  First two were Selling It and Buying It)

Rating:  PG
Characters:  House, Wilson
Genre:  Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Word Count:  850
TimeLine:  Sometime prior to the Season Four finale, pre-Amber 

Summary:  Last time House’s pain went over the top, he tried to sell Wilson on a lie.  Wilson bought it—for a while, anyway.  What happens now, when Wilson decides he’s not standing in line this time for one of House’s cleverly constructed mink coats?

And btw, this has heretofore been unseen by human eyes.  If it stinks, feel free to say so.



Sometimes, the best medicine isn't medicine at all.... )


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Title:  Past Imperfect, Present Tense
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Characters:  House, Wilson

This story is lovingly dedicated to [ profile] blackmare_9 , who patiently--and literally--pulled every single word out of me.

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Title:  Buying It
Characters:  House, Wilson
Genre:  General/friendship
Rating:  G
Word Count:  570
TimeLine:  Sometime prior to the Season Four finale
Part Two of Selling It

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Title:  Selling It
Characters:  House, Wilson
Genre:  General, Friendship
Rating:  G
Word Count:  410
TimeLine:  Some time prior to last season's finale



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I need some help here.  Apparently, I've got a false memory of a House episode in which a young man has several fingers severed in some sort of accident.  He is also a heavy smoker, and is denied replantation surgery based on that.  He promises to quit smoking immediately, and the fingers [I believe they were cadaver fingers] are successfully attached.  But he and his wife? girlfriend? return several weeks later, and the fingers are turning black, dying.  Turns out that his addiction to smoking was  stronger than the risk of losing his fingers.

[profile] blackmare_9   doesn't recall this ever happening in House.  But I'm certain that I saw, or read, about this incident somewhere.  Does anyone else recall this incident on TV, in a movie, or perhaps a book?

Full disclosure--as I am a smoker, and have been obssessing worried about a serious, stupidly self-inflicted injury to my only functional hand since prior to Christmas, it's entirely possible that I dreamed the whole thing.  But... I really think I saw this somewhere. 

Oh, almost forgot--HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!
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Wishing all of you the most blessed of holiday seasons!

I'll be going on a small hiatus from the computer for a while.  I'm figuring through January should do it.  I'm having a bit of difficulty with my hand; I need to give things a chance to settle down, and I need to play the lovely readjustment-of the-pain-meds game.

I'm truly sorry; I'll miss you kids and the stories--I'll even [probably] miss LiveJournal.  Maybe it won't take the full month, and I'll be back before anyone realizes I'm gone! ;)  If not, hope to see you towards the beginning of February.

I'll be checking email a couple of times a week ['cuz I still have to pay the bills!]; if you need to get in touch with me, my email address is in my profile if you're on my f-list; feel free to PM me if you're not.

Here's hoping for a fabulous fic-filled [and maybe even episode-filled] 2008!

*hugs to all*

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Title:  Therapy

Characters:  House, Wilson

Rating:  PG

Genre:  Friendship, Angst

Summary:  House conducts an impromptu therapy session for Wilson—and ends up participating himself.