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I am pleased to be posting this for its author, the absolutely amazing [profile] blackmare_9  because--as many of us do--she's got some very good RL friends who read and enjoy her journal, but who... uh... might not understand her interest in fanfiction.  I think that we all know how that can go.  ;-)  And I'm happy to be posting this for her because I feel her opinions have merit, and I agree wholeheartedly with everything she's so eloquently stated.

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See that new user icon?  It's from a sketch by the multi-talented [info]blackmare_9 , and it inspired this one-shot. [info]blackmare_9   has somehow captured Wilson's pervasive sadness, his elusive vulnerability, and I began to wonder why I almost always detect something poignant whenever we see Wilson studying House.  And  this piece is Wilson's answer.  [dedicated, for obvious reasons, to the incredible  [info]blackmare_9 ]

Mare's WilsonClick to enlarge [info]blackmare_9's wonderful sketch! 

Title:  What Wilson Knows
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Angst
Characters:  Wilson, House, Cuddy 

Wilson knows something that no one else seems to have yet figured out--not even House. )


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Title:  And It All Comes Down To This... (EPILOGUE)
Characters:  House, Wilson
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Angst
Words:  700
Summary:  Pain caused House to take inventory of his life, to figure out just what it's cost him.  Now, three weeks later, he's forced to redo the math.  This is the epilogue to the piece I posted yesterday, which can be found  here.  

And by the way--you can blame thank  [ profile] nightdog_barks   and [ profile] blackmare_9   for the twenty-four hour delay in posting this, because they're evil they felt each piece would have more impact if presented separately.  That's what they said, I swear!  :)

EPILOGUE to ...All Comes Down... )


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